At StarHelp Community there is no compounding! You money will only grow for 30 days only with 100% interest. After 30 days your PH will reach 100% interest and stop growing. The system does not make GH Requests automatically on your behalf. (Only once you have made a GH Request, then the payments and confirmations are automated processes)


Please know that once you have entered and saved your External Bitcoin Wallet address, it can never be changed again. Therefore choose very carefully which External Wallet you want to use for your withdrawals from StarHelp Community.

Why is it not allowed to change External Wallet Address?
For security and safety of your funds, it is not allowed to change the External Wallet address. Hackers and scammers use many methods to trick you and also to trick Admin. Therefore, StarHelp Community Admin will never change External Wallet Address for anyone no matter what you say in your email. It is not possible for Admin to verify that email requests are coming from the correct person. Also hackers are able to hack into your email and then send email as if they are truly coming from you.

Be smart, stay ahead of scammers and hackers!
* If you have forgotten your password, StarHelp Community will not be able to assist you. StarHelp Community does not keep or store passwords. The password recovery feature is not available for your protection.